We partner with our parents

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. Catholic schools exist to assist parents in their responsibility by providing a high–quality educational atmosphere and programs that complement what is being done in the family. Many public-school parents are increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency when it comes to the curriculum. And if you don’t know what’s being taught, how would you know whether it aligns with your family’s values? In our Catholic schools, you’ll know what IS being taught, and what ISN’T.

Pandemic Academic ‘Slide’? Not in our schools!

The pandemic was challenging for all of us, but particularly hard on students, recent studies have shown. The National Assessment of Education Progress, known as the “nation’s report card,” recently released a study which shows that Catholic schools did much better in mitigating learning loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The NAEP study shows that the pandemic years took a profoundly negative toll on student learning in public and charter schools across the country. But findings from the study show that this is not the case with Catholic school learners.

While many public schools remained closed for many months, both nationally and here in Colorado, our Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools stayed open, knowing it was what was best for students and families. With many health protocols in place, we not only kept kids and teachers safe, but also saw improvements in test scores, not steep declines as many other schools experienced.