About the Logo

The archway

The archway represents an open door to those that need to be healed and brought into relationship with Jesus Christ. The archway as a door works two ways; to those entering in to seek Jesus and as an invitation for those in the Church to go out and evangelize. The archway is also the central shape of the logo for the Archdiocese of Denver.

The Book

The book represents the formation of intellect and the pursuit of knowledge ordered toward encountering Christ the Logos. The book opens up to the cross and the holy family. Children come to the school to learn the truth, and in a Catholic school, these truths will ultimately lead them to see reality, both naturally and supernaturally, well. 

The Heart Shape

The Holy Family takes the shape of a heart to symbolize how education is about more than just the formation of the mind, but of the heart and soul as well. At the heart of Catholic education lies a foundation of biblical morals and charity (charity being defined as friendship with God).

An Adolescent JEsus

An adolescent Jesus shows that our schools are centered in Christ. Children come to Catholic schools to learn the truth, which will lead them to a relationship with Christ rooted in the life of the domestic church. Also, an adolescent Christ is not often portrayed, yet holiness is a goal for people of all ages – especially our students.

The Holy Family

Mary and Joseph are depicted with an adolescent Jesus to remind us that parents are the primary educators of their children and we take that seriously in our education practices and curriculum. Our work of discipleship will only find fruit when lived out in the home. We deeply honor the role of the family in the formation of children, and exist only to serve the good Christian formation that happens in children’s families, from their parents.

The Cross

The cross is designed into Jesus’ robes to indicate his priestly role and evoke rescuing of mankind at Calvary, so that we might have abundant. Incidentally, the cross is also at the center of the logo, representing the centrality of Christ in the mission of the Catholic school.

THe Flame

The flame over the heart evokes the Sacred Heart of Jesus and also the Holy Spirit. Each year, the opening Mass for the school year is traditionally a Mass of the Holy Spirit, asking him to impart wisdom throughout the school year.

THe Font

The modern and bold font serves as a clear, eye-catching reminder that as Catholics we are to be bold as we share the Good News. We are called to live bold, counter-cultural, and authentic lives centered in Christ.