Curriculum Guidelines:

The primary goal of the instruction program in the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools is to provide learning experiences which most effectively inculcate worthwhile attitudes and impart the knowledge and skills necessary for the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical development of each student.

The Office of Catholic Schools provides courses of study/curriculum guides for mandatory use in all Archdiocesan and Parish Catholic schools.

Curriculum evaluation committees consisting of teachers, principals and/or other curriculum experts are charged with the responsibility of assisting the Office of Catholic Schools in reviewing, revising and developing implementation for individual subject areas of the curriculum. Changes to curriculum areas and standards are made according to a set subject rotation, as determined by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction with the approval of the Superintendent.

A. Preschool Course of Instruction

  • The basic program in preschool includes: religion, language, mathematics, personal-social development, social studies, media-art, music, science, and sensory-motor development.
  • The basic program in pre-kindergarten includes: religion, communication and language arts, mathematics, self, family and community, science, art, physical education, music and rhythm and technology.
  • The underlying instructional strategy in preschool and pre-kindergarten is the use of organization and free-play activities that are intended to provide opportunities for the child to interact, explore and relate successfully in his/her environment.

B. Elementary School Course of Instruction

  • The basic program in kindergarten through grade three shall include religion, language arts, mathematics, music, art and physical education. Concepts of social studies, science, health, and safety should be incorporated into the basic program. Use of the technology should be integrated into the instructional program. Inclusion of foreign language is recommended but optional.
  • The basic program in grades four through eight shall include religion, mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, fine arts, physical education, health, and safety. Use of technology should be integrated in to the instructional program. Inclusion of foreign language is recommended but optional.

C. High School Course of Instruction

  • Archdiocesan high schools shall offer a broad-based program of liberal arts studies.
  • Curriculum offerings and content are to be continuously reviewed by the principal and responsible department within that school. Reports are made to the Office of Catholic Schools as requested by the Superintendent.
    Special attention should be given to the coordination of curriculum and articulation of student performance expectations between high schools and elementary schools.
  • All students are required to have no fewer than 27 credits (units) for graduation form secondary schools.
  • A general norm shall be:

Additional credits may be required of students in the Honors Program by local school policy.

Curriculum Information