Why Catholic Education?

The Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Schools is committed to offering an education that joyfully forms the whole person, with the whole truth, the whole time. We strive to form students to be truly free to discover their vocation as children created in God’s image and likeness. 

The good produced by Catholic schools is undeniable. The impact they have on forming students is irreplaceable and more critical now than ever before.  We are fully committed to our mission to educate and form witnesses who will transform the world. 

If you are interested in a transformative education for your child, please reach out. We’d be happy to help you locate a wonderful school in our system. 

We want students to:


the God, who is Truth


the mind in Truth and the will of the Good


in wisdom and virtue


faith, life and culture


others and society


true happiness

High Quality Education

Catholic schools are committed to academic excellence. Over 99% of our students graduate high school, and 88% of them attend college. Students who attend Catholic high schools are approximately twice as likely as students who attend public high schools to graduate from college.

Formation of the Entire Person

Every person is created in the image and likeness of God and has been given a natural inclination toward truth, beauty, and goodness. Catholic schools form the minds, bodies, souls, and hearts of students. In addition to academics and physical education, they help to cultivate an understanding of the dignity of the human person by forming students in virtue, reverence, and the beatitudes. Catholic school students are more likely to pray daily, attend church more often, retain a Catholic identity as an adult, and donate more to the Church. 

Affordable Private Education

Catholic education addresses the development of the whole person – spirit, mind, and body – through spiritual and academic formation based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Catholic schools incorporate spirituality into every aspect of the curriculum. Catholic school students are more likely to pray daily, attend church more often, retain a Catholic identity as an adult, and donate more to the Church. 

Amazing Teachers

Being a teacher at a Catholic school is a calling that God gives to those whom he wants to play a vital role in helping parents, who are the first teachers of their children, form their children so that they may become saints. Being a teacher involves giving without expecting anything in return. It often means not feeling loved in return, but loving all the more—an experience of unrequited love—just as Jesus experienced on the cross.


We are proud of the diversity found in our schools. A child who is African American or Latino is 42 percent more likely to graduate from high school and 2.5 times more likely to graduate from college if he or she attends Catholic school. The achievement gap between students of different racial or socioeconomic backgrounds is significantly smaller in Catholic schools than in public schools.

Parent Involvement

Parents have the first responsibility for the education of their children. Further, family catechesis precedes, accompanies, and enriches other forms of instruction in the faith. Catholic schools exist to assist parents in their responsibility by providing a high–quality educational atmosphere and programs that complement what is being done in the family.

Are you looking for an education for your child that is truly transformative? One that captures the hearts and minds of your student with what is good and beautiful and true? An education that teaches timeless truths, one which cultivates virtue in your children? Do you believe parents should be the primary educators of their children? Do you believe parents and teachers should work in partnership to create the best possible education and formation of each child? Are you looking for a school that embraces your family’s moral values?

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