Is your school closing?
Consider a Catholic School!

Sixteen public schools in Jeffco are closing at the end of this school year, forcing families of 2,600 students to move to different schools.  

But is the school your child will be moved to really the right one for your family? Does what is being taught align with your family’s values?  Parents who have switched their children to our schools are loving the safe, welcoming communities of faith and learning that they’ve found at our schools and are excited to partner with us in the education of their children.   

Did the pandemic effect your student’s education? While many public schools stayed closed for months after the pandemic hit, our schools safely reopened because we knew it was best for the kids.  Our students didn’t suffer the same academic losses that were experienced in schools across the country, and certainly here in the Denver metro area.  

We invite you to check out one or more of our schools and all it has to offer your child. Your child is worth the investment!

But is it affordable?

We have a number of Catholic schools in the Jeffco area that are ready to welcome your family! Don’t let finances be a barrier. We have help for families that qualify.

Our Catholic schools work hard to partner with you, as parents/guardians, to help educate your students in high quality academics, to form students in faith and virtue, and to ensure that they’re learning in a safe and loving environment.

Are you ready to consider something different?

You’re probably wondering… can we afford a Catholic school? Our Catholic schools are typically much more affordable than other private schools. We also have many options for tuition assistance. All of our schools listed in the Jeffco area take part in a program called “Variable Tuition” which means that schools will work with you to adjust/lower the price of tuition if your family qualifies. Our goal is to open our doors more widely to you and your family by providing a ‘right-sized tuition’.

In addition to the Variable Tuition Program, we have a number of scholarships also available to families in need, including Seeds of Hope, Schmitz Scholarships, ACE Scholarships and more. Contact a Catholic school near you to discuss your options. We never want COST to be the reason you don’t look into a Catholic school for your child.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school?

No. We have many families who attend our schools who are not Catholic, but believe in the strong formation and academics offered at our schools. If you have questions, reach out to any of the schools and visit more with their school leadership.   

Say YES to a Catholic education for your family today!

By saying YES to a Catholic education, you are inviting Jesus to be the center of your family, and he will transform the lives of your children and your family in ways you never thought possible.

This map highlights our schools that reside in or near Jefferson County. If you are interested in learning more about one of our schools, click the school below to go directly to their site. You can reach out to them directly and someone will be able to answer any questions you might have. If you want help finding the right school for you, use the form at the bottom of this page.

  1. Our Lady of Fatima
  2. Sts. Peter and Paul
  3. Shrine of St Anne
  4. Wellspring Catholic Academy
  5. St Mary Littleton
  6. Notre Dame
  7. Blessed Miguel Pro

Want to explore the remainder of our 35 schools? Click here!

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