What is the impact of K-8 Catholic Education?

We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to understand the many benefits and overall impact of a K-8 Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Denver. Here are just a few of the fruits that can come about by providing your child with a Catholic education.

Catholic high school alumni have higher GPAs

Catholic high school students have a remarkable average 3.51 GPA compared to public school students’ 2.69 GPA. Recent data shows that the pandemic has worsened public school grades, with students falling behind by 2.5 to 4.5 months in math and 1 to 2 months in reading for every month they were not in school. Compare that to students in Catholic education, who did not see these same declines in learning. Catholic schools were able to continue in-person learning, while public schools were mainly remote during the pandemic.

Catholic school alumni demonstrated a deeper commitment to faith

Catholic school alumni demonstrated a stronger connection and commitment to their faith when compared to other Catholics in Colorado. Alumni attend mass more frequently than Colorado Catholics and are more willing to express and practice their faith. Additionally, those who graduated from Catholic schools participated in parish activities at substantially higher rates than their peers and were more likely to express an interest in seminary and religious life than other Colorado Catholics.

Catholic school alumni are more tolerant of different opinions

Young adults who attended Catholic schools display a greater state of emotional health than their peers and are extremely accepting of opinions which differ from their own. They have a significantly higher tolerance score at 77% in college and 93% in the workplace. These numbers are compared to only 58% for a Colorado young adult. Tolerance is defined as the willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that one might not agree with or approve of, which is a necessary and important quality in today’s world.

Catholic school alumni are better equipped for leadership

Catholic school alumni are more involved in their high school’s extracurricular and athletic programs. A higher proportion serve in leadership positions than their public school peers. Parents who choose private schools for their children often select school characteristics — especially extracurricular activities — to help their child succeed.

Catholic school alumni demonstrated stronger morals

Catholic school parents reported that their children have stronger morals than their public school peers. Strong moral underpinnings are linked to better education, implying that recognizing the value of education and exercising good judgment are essential qualities.

Catholic school alumni are better prepared for their future

Catholic school alumni who are out of high school feel that they are better prepared for adult life compared to public school alumni. Additionally, more parents of Catholic school students feel their child is more well-rounded and engaged with their communities. The stats are clear: Catholic school students generally experience more complete development and unsurpassed academic and personal success. Through timeless Catholic faith formation, nurturing community, a reinforced family environment and rigorous academic curriculum, Catholic education prepares students to be successful in life while fostering a time-tested, faith-based moral foundation that has the power to change the world. Most importantly, the mission of Catholic education is to form authentic disciples who are instilled with the confidence and courage to proclaim Christ in the culture.

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