Health & Safety Taskforce

As we look to the next school year, we know a lot more about COVID-19 than we did just a few months ago. The capabilities of health officials and health care providers to test and track the virus have greatly improved. We have also been consulting with health experts to determine how we can safely have students return to our schools.  

To develop the health protocols and processes we wanted to ensure a healthy school environment when we return to in-school learning in August, we have assembled an Office of Catholic Schools Health Taskforce. This taskforce is composed of physicians, nurse practitioners, a virologist, with the additional support of Centura Health as a health partner in our efforts to safely reopen our schools.

We have been working with this team and school leadership, as well as local and state health officials, to identify the best health measures to put in place to ensure the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff at each school.

Your local school will communicate with you in the next couple of weeks to let you know how they will be carrying out in-school learning in a safe and healthy manner according to the health policies that will be in place for our schools.

Meet Our Health Taskforce Advisors!

  • Barbara Anglada, OCS
  • Julie Uyemura, BSN, RN,
    St. Mary, Greeley
  • Trudy Orona, MS, RN, CCRN,
    St. Pius X/ Good Shepherd
  • Lauren Ostuni, RNC-OB
    Blessed Sacrament
  • Lauren Shaffer, BSN, RN
    Holy Family HS
  • Eileen Michalczyk, Principal, St. Pius X
  • Nancy Waring, RN, MSN
    Our Lady of Fatima, Bl. Miguel Pro, Nativity of Our Lord


Centura Health:

  • Shauna Gulley, MD, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Scott Lichtenberge, MD, Health Physician Group
  • Kirk Doing, PhD, Director of Clinical Microbiology
  • Amber Noon, MD, Infectious Disease
  • Ellen Burkett, MD, VP of Primary Care

Other Consultants

  • Deacon Rob Lanciotti, Virologist
  • Mike Wisneski, Construction Office, Archdiocese of Denver

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